Academic Coaching

Academic Coaching

At Academic Success, our most important job is to place the best coach with each of our clients. That is why we start the process with a visit to the family home for a free consultation. During the home consultation we take a deeper look at the student’s goals, learning style and personality. Next, choosing the right member of the Academic Success staff becomes clear.

The Academic Success coach arrives for the first visit fully briefed about their client, their areas of strength, challenge and ambitions for achievement. In supporting our clients, we work on mastery of the subject matter as well as over-all organization and executive functioning skills.

Most importantly, parents are kept in the loop every step of the way. After each session, parents receive an e-mail detailing what was covered, the progress made and what still needs to be addressed.

Academic Success management monitors all of these sessions, providing guidance to the coaches and feedback to the parents. We deliver premier customer service, including promptly returning phone calls and emails.

Please feel free to call on us to discuss your situation or arrange for a free consultation.