Being a 21st Century Studier


Being a 21st Century Studier

As modes of education change and the way we learn in the classroom evolves, students are facing different challenges at home in order to keep up with the academic playing field.

While some tests may demand simple memorization of facts and short-form answers, more and more testing now focuses on a student’s ability to form a well-rounded, comprehensive grasp of a subject.

In response to this, students must now adopt a 21st century approach to study.

The first step is critical thinking: skimming through notes and memorizing bullet points is not enough. Students must ask rigorous questions and analyze the material to gain a deeper understanding of it.

Testing one’s understanding of that material is also crucial; students can ask their parents or peers for help in this, prompting them to ask searching questions from different angles.

Learning how to do effective research is absolutely essential in the digital age; using the internet efficiently and being able to recognize valuable information is a skill that improves with time and effort.

Finally, developing your own unique view of the world, through being curious and willing to learn and engage, will provide a firm foundation for academic and career endeavors that will stand the test of changing times.

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