Breaking Time Into Bite-Sized Pieces


Breaking Time Into Bite-Sized Pieces

While it may be an admirable goal to spend an entire evening at one’s desk tackling multiple study assignments, many students often find it difficult or even impossible to go the distance. A four-hour block of time can seem daunting, like a mountain that’s impossible to climb. The best way to bring that mountain of time down to size is to carve it up- in other words, separate it into achievable chunks.

A student could plan on focusing on different subjects for allotted periods of time, allowing for small breaks to further break up the evening. He/she could also start on one area of a subject and then return to another later. For example:

7-745 : Math (Algebra & Trigonometry)
745-8 : 15 min break (snack, quick phone call)
8-9 : English (Essay writing assignment)
9-930 : Study an elective (art project)
930-945 : 15 min break (music, fresh air)
945-1030 : Math (Geometry)
1030-11 : Science (Chemistry)

Creating this kind of breakdown improves productivity and efficiency and sets kids up well for ventures later in life. The longest journey is comprised of small steps.

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