Discovering Your Inner Grit


Discovering Your Inner Grit

While simply putting more hours into study and improving study strategies will improve overall academic performance, helping a student realize for themselves that their attitude and character may also need work can be hugely beneficial for the rest of their lives.

A fun yet rigorous way to pave the way for inner growth is for students to find out where they stand on the

Grit Scale.

This short questionnaire, developed by Dr.Amanda Duckworth (featured above), has the potential to awaken students not only to how much grit and character they’re bringing to the table, but also how much more they may be capable of.

The only requirement is honesty. Parents and their kids could do the test together- maybe the adults will also feel the need to step up in certain areas of their lives.

By answering eight simple questions, students across the academic spectrum have the opportunity not only to gain greater self-understanding, but also to pinpoint areas where they can improve themselves and achieve even greater success in their world.

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