Getting Creative With Your Routine


Getting Creative With Your Routine

One of the primary reasons for loss of creativity and its partner, inspiration, is boredom. Establishing a solid routine can be key for students in maintaining discipline, but sometimes it can turn into a grind.

Students need to approach their work with a fresh mind and a state of alertness. One way to rekindle the spark of creativity is to change up your routine.

Do you always study at the same time after school? Sit in the same seat in your classes? Walk the same corridors? Even eat the same breakfast or lunch?

Consciously making different choices and approaching even mundane tasks creatively can have a huge impact on one’s work flow and sense of vitality.

Rearranging study spaces can result in a fresh energy during work time. Even more powerful (and fun) is to approach difficult tasks with an attitude that may be different to your normal pattern: running home, charging into your room and tackling your most difficult subject for an hour instead of avoiding can create huge changes in outlook and results.

In every moment, students have the opportunity to re-engage in their academic lives in a fresh way, by tapping into their creative impulses and sense of spontaneity.

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