SAT, SAT II and ISEE Test Preparation

SAT I, SAT II, ACT, ISEE Test Preparation

Standardized tests are an especially challenging part of academic life. While nobody can make these exams a pleasant experience, our trained test-prep coaches have the tools to help teens get their best possible score and ease their anxiety along the way.

Our test prep system starts by taking a diagnostic test. At Academic Success, unlike many of the major test-prep chains, who write their own versions of the tests, we buy actual tests from the testing companies. We recreate the testing environment as much as possible, using the same time and break plan that the students experience the day of the test.

Our coaches then use the results from the diagnostic tests to pinpoint exactly the areas that need the most focus, and create a customized plan. We coach the students in content and strategy, re-testing 2 or 3 times to track the progress.

Just like in regular academic coaching, after each session, parents receive an e-mail detailing what was covered, the progress made and what still needs to be addressed. Using our techniques and lots of hard work, students are able to achieve their best personal scores.

Please feel free to call on us to discuss your situation or arrange for a free consultation.