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When Preparing for Finals, Start With Your Toughest Class

If you are a math whiz, studying for your trig final can be very comforting. Going over material that comes naturally to you builds confidence and helps lessen final-time stress. Before you realize, your evening of study is over and you have avoided (again) US History and Latin preparation. Don’t […]

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Most Teachers Reject Wikipedia As a Reliable Source

Over the last several years, Wikipedia has emerged as a popular resource for students. From detailing the colony cycle of bumblebees to the history of Arsenal Football Club, Wikipedia has become a super-center for encyclopedia information. However, Wikipedia is an open site, meaning that anyone can contribute material into it. […]

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When Studying for Finals, Work Backwards!

Finals can often mean stress, frustration, and more than a few tears. The key to handling this time of year successfully is having a reliable game-plan. For example, when studying for big tests, the first thing to do is create your own calendar with each exam date. Work backwards from […]

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Start the New Year With a New Filing System

Is your backpack feeling heavy? Is each binder bursting at the seams with notes and handouts? The beginning of a new year is a great time to create or re-establish your at-home filing system. Most of your notes and handouts will not be needed again, or only at finals time. […]

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Review and Organize Your Class Notes Every Night

Whether taken on paper or on a laptop, most students take class notes in a shorthand style that is far from the Queen’s English. While that short hand makes sense in the day or two after the class, a month or two later when the notes are needed to study […]

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