Using A Digital Calendar


Using A Digital Calendar

With a new year almost upon us, it may be a good time to reaffirm the value of organizing and planning one’s time effectively to achieve maximum results.

It can be easy to become overwhelmed with all the events and tasks facing students daily. One enormously helpful way to simplify a busy academic life is to begin working with a Digital Calendar.

Every Mac and PC carries a digital calendar application which can be connected to a student’s smartphone. Entries can be color-coded according to all kinds of daily activities: study, leisure time, family commitments and exercise, among many others. Once a student has linked their computer calendar to their phone, they can add/change entries which will automatically update on both devices. Another option is email calendars like Google Calendar which also connect to smartphones.

These calendars can also alert students ahead of time of upcoming tasks and commitments.

Just a few minutes each day can take a lot of stress and worry off the shoulders of a student, allowing them time to use their minds for more important things- like getting fantastic grades!

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