When Preparing for Finals, Start With Your Toughest Class


When Preparing for Finals, Start With Your Toughest Class

If you are a math whiz, studying for your trig final can be very comforting. Going over material that comes naturally to you builds confidence and helps lessen final-time stress. Before you realize, your evening of study is over and you have avoided (again) US History and Latin preparation.

Don’t fall into this trap! If history is your toughest subject, start with history. Start your evening with a 30 min block to categorize, review and distill your notes, readings and outlines. This will be the hardest studying you will do, so do it at the beginning when you have the most energy and focus. Then shift to a 30 minute block of your next most dreaded subject and then onto the next. Each night tackle your review in short power-packed chucks of time, take breaks, and be consistent.

Using this approach, and not scheduling too much for each night, you will sustain the mental energy to study each day leading up to finals and walk in confident and fully prepared.

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